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Query #1
Bitmap Heap Scan on phpbb_config (cost=4.47..7.78 rows=25 width=22)
Recheck Cond: (is_dynamic = 1)
-> Bitmap Index Scan on phpbb_config_is_dynamic (cost=0.00..4.46 rows=25 width=0)
Index Cond: (is_dynamic = 1)

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Query #2
Index Scan using phpbb_users_pkey on phpbb_users (cost=0.27..8.29 rows=1 width=375)
Index Cond: (user_id = 1)

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Query results obtained from the cache

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Query #4

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Query #5
Aggregate (cost=2.50..2.51 rows=1 width=8)
-> Seq Scan on phpbb_sessions (cost=0.00..2.45 rows=20 width=33)
Filter: ((session_time >= 1563753872) AND (session_user_id = 1))

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Query results obtained from the cache

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Query #7
Seq Scan on phpbb_config_text (cost=0.00..1.09 rows=1 width=548)
Filter: ((config_name)::text = 'hijri_adj_data'::text)

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Query results obtained from the cache

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